NOSAUKUMS Financial development, integration and stability : evidence from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe / edited by Klaus Liebscher... [et al.].
Northampton, MA
Edward Elgar
APJOMS - xiv, 556 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
BIBLIOGRĀFIJA Includes bibliographical references and index.
SATURS Financial integration and financial deepening in the EU : mind the gap / Klaus Liebscher -- Benefits and risks of financial integration / Cesare Calari -- Financial globalization, corporate governance and Eastern Europe / Ren�e M. Stulz -- Does the financial sector need Europe? / Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell -- The Central and Eastern European financial sector : current state and prospects / Irmfried Schwimann and Kristin Vandenbergen -- CEEC financial sector issues and macroeconomic policy / Cristian Popa -- The financial system of the EU-25 / Franklin Allen, Laura Bartiloro and Oskar Kowalewski -- Meeting the need for a regulatory framework for EU financial markets / Alexandre Lamfalussy -- Finance and growth : the legacy of Schumpeter to be rediscovered? / Peter Mooslechner -- The impact of the euro on investment : sectoral evidence / Tomas Dvorak -- Importance of financial sectors for growth in accession countries / Gerhard Fink, Peter Haiss and Goran Vuksic -- Financial sector development in South-Eastern Europe : quality matters / Arnaud Mehl, Cristina Vespro and Adalbert Winkler -- Happy, sad and open endings : a comparison of credit growth in CEECs with past experiences and ongoing developments in Austria, Finland and Spain / Doris Ritzberger-Grunwald --
Is lending in Central and Eastern Europe developing too fast? / Fr�ed�eric Boissay, Oscar Calvo-Gonzalez and Tomasz Kosluk -- Too much of a good thing? Credit booms in transition economies : the cases of Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine / Christoph Duenwald, Nikolay Gueorguiev and Andrea Schaechter -- The 'New Europe' household lending market / Fabrizio Coricelli, Fabio Mucci and Debora Revoltella -- Foreign banks in Eastern Europe : mode of entry and effects on bank interest rates / Sophie Claeys and Christa Hainz -- Ownership structures and investment in transition economies / Dennis C. Mueller and Evgeni Peev -- Ownership competition in the European transition arena : towards a viable restructuring? / Diana Pop and Julien Le Maux -- Deposit interest rates, asset risk and bank failure in Croatia / Evan Kraft and Tomislav Galac -- Investigating the early signals of banking sector vulnerabilities in Central and East European emerging markets / Kadri Munnasoo and David G. Mayes -- Financial integration through the interbank market : stability and welfare implications / Falko Fecht and Hans Peter Gruner -- Contagion risk in financial networks / Ana Babus -- Does corporate mobility enhance corporate governance? / Zsuzsanna Fluck and Colin Mayer -- Equity market integration of new EU member states / Lorenzo Cappiello... [et al.] -- The integration of Czech, Hungarian and Polish bond markets with the Euro area bond market : a deja-vu of the Club-Med convergence plays? / Thomas Reininger and Zoltan Walko -- International capital mobility and current account targeting in Central and Eastern European countries / Matthias Kohler -- Financial institutions as a driving force of integration / Josef Christl -- Unicredit's strategy in Central and Eastern Europe / Alessandro Profumo -- Banking consolidation / Reinhard Ortner -- Building a Central European Exchange Alliance / Stefan Zopotocky.
CITI AUTORI Liebscher, Klaus.
ISBN 1845429672 (hardcover)
9781845429676 (hardcover)


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