NOSAUKUMS Winning the Loser's Game : Timeless Strategies for Successful Investing / by Charles Ellis.
IZDEVUMS 6th ed.
PIEZĪMES Includes index
ISBN 9780071813655


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The go-to guide for anyone seeking long-term gain in the stock market, Winning the Loser's Game was referred to by the great Peter Drucker as "by far the best book on investment policy and management."

Dr. Charles Ellis, dubbed "Wall Street's Wisest Man" by Money magazine, has been showing investors for three decades how stock markets really work and what individuals can do to be sure they are long-term winners. Now, in this new edition of his investing classic, Ellis helps you succeed in a market that's becoming more unpredictable by the day.

Applying wisdom gained from half a century of advising many of the leading investment managers and securities firms around the world, Ellis explains how individual investors can avoid common traps and get on the road to investment success. With fully updated facts, charts, and figures, this new edition of Winning the Loser's Game is packed with all new material, including:

  • U.S. government bonds: Why they're no longer a safe bet for long-term investors
  • Active management: Fees are higher than ever. Are they worth it?
  • The investment management industry: They make huge profits--but how well do they serve you?
  • Behavioral economics: Know yourself--and you'll be a better investor 

With Winning the Loser's Game, you have everything you need to set realistic objectives and a powerful investing strategy that will take you well into retirement.

The loser's game -- Beating the market -- Mr. market and mr. value -- The investor's dream team -- Investor risk -- Your unfair competitive advantage -- The paradox -- Time -- Returns -- Investment risks -- Building portfolios -- Why policy matters -- The winner's game -- Performance measurement -- Predicting the market roughly -- The individual investor -- Selecting funds -- Planning your play -- Disaster again -- Endgame -- Thoughts for the wealthy -- You are now good to go! -- Parting thoughts.

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