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080 a: 330.101.541
24510a: Advances in macroeconomic theoryc: ed. by Jacques Dreze
260 a: Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshirea: New York, N.Y.b: Palgravec: 2001
300 a: XIII, 372 p.c: 23 cm.
4901 a: IEA conference volumev: 133
500 a: Papers from the Twelfth World Congress of the International Economic Association (IEA), held in Buenos Aires on August 23-27, 1999, at the invitation of the Asociacion Argentina de Economia Politica (AAEP). The congress was dedicated to the memory of the late Michael Bruno, President of the IEA 1992-95.
504 a: Includes bibliographical references and index
695 a: Macroeconomicsb: Congresses
695 a: Makroekonomikab: Kongresi, konferences
7001 a: Dreze, Jacques H.e: ed.
711 a: International Economic Association World Congressc: (1999d: (Buenos Aires, Argentinan: (12th)
941 b: 2007-12-14T14:36:15c: 1
990 a: 330.101.541
996 a: BA


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  Introduction: Advances and challenges in macroeconomics / Jacques Dreze  

Part I. The general framework .

  • From neoclassical growth theory to new classical macroeconomics / Robert M. Solow
  • On the macroeconomics of uncertainty and incomplete markets (Presidential address) / Jacques Dreze
  • Macroeconomic frictions: what have we learnt from real business cycle research programme? / Jean-Pierre Danthine, John B. Donaldson

Part II. Money and finance.

  • How the rational expectations revolution has changed macroeconomic policy research / Joh Taylor
  • Monetary policy in an imperfect information world / Bruce Greewald, Michael Adler
  • Understating inflation: implications for monetary policy / Stephen G.Cecchetti,Erica L Groshen

Part III. Wages and employment.

  • Single-peaked versus diversified capitalism: the relations between economic institutions and outcomes / Richard Freeman
  • Institutions, restructuring and macroeconomic performance / Ricardo Caballero, Mohamad Hammour
  • Rigid wages: what have we learnt from microeconomic studies? / FrancisKramarz

Part IV. Econometrics.

  • The getting of macroeconomic wisdom / Adrian Pagan

Part V. Dynamics.

  • Learning dynamics: complete and incomplete learning / Seppo Honkapohja
  • Standard-of-Living aspirations and economic cycles / David de la Croix

Part VI. Development.

  • Development policies beyond export-led growth / Vittorio Corbo
  • Macroeconomic policies: can we transfer lessons across LDCs? / Carlos Rodriguez
  • Cross-country gowth comparison: theory to empirics / Danny Quah
  • Volatility and macroeconomic paradigms for rich and poor countries (Michael Bruno memorial lecture) / William Easterly, Roumeen Islam, Joseph E. Stiglitz



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