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020 a: 9781541768703
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041 a: eng
080 a: 336
1001#a: Carney, Mark4: aute: Autors
2451 a: Value (s)b: Building a Better World for All
264#1a: New Yorkb: Hachette Book Groupc: 2021
300 a: 600 p.
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Finanšu stabilitātes pārvalde 1 336 На полке


A bold, urgent argument on the misplacement of value in financial markets and how we can and need to maximize value for the many, not few.
As an economist and former banker, Mark Carney has spent his life in various financial roles, in both the public and private sector. VALUE(S) is a meditation on his experiences that examines the short-comings and challenges of the market in the past decade which he argues has led to rampant, public distrust and the need for radical change.
Focusing on four major crises-the Global Financial Crisis, the Global Health Crisis, Climate Change and the 4th Industrial Revolution-- Carney proposes responses to each. His solutions are tangible action plans for leaders, companies and countries to transform the value of the market back into the value of humanity.

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