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010 a: 2020002140
020 a: 9780817923747q: (hbk.)
020 z: 9780817923761
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24500a: Strategies for Monetary Policyc: edited by John H. Cochrane, John B. Taylor
264 1a: Stanford, Californiab: Hoover Institution Press, Stanford Universityc: [2020]
300 a: xvi, 393 pagesb: illustrations (some color)c: 23 cm
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337 a: tiešuztveres videb: n2: rdamedia
338 a: sējumsb: nc2: rdacarrier
4901 a: Hoover Institution Press publicationv: no. 711
500 a: Papers presented at a conference held at the Hoover Institution in 2019
504 a: Includes bibliographical references and index
520 c: Provided by publisher
61020a: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (U.S.)v: Congresses
655 7a: Conference papers and proceedings.2: lcgft
7001 a: Cochrane, John H.q: (John Howland)d: 1957-e: editor
7001 a: Taylor, John B.e: editor
77608t: Strategies for monetary policyd: Stanford, California : Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University 2020.z: 9780817923761w: (DLC) 2020002141
830 0a: Hoover Institution Press publication
985 a: CStCIPd: 2020-01-16


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As the Federal Reserve System conducts its latest review of the strategies, tools, and communication practices it deploys to pursue its dual-mandate goals of maximum employment and price stability, Strategies for Monetary Policy—drawn from the 2019 Monetary Policy Conference at the Hoover Institution—emerges as an especially timely volume. The book’s expert contributors examine key policy issues, offering their perspectives on US monetary policy tools and instruments and the interaction between Fed policies and financial markets. The contributors review central bank inflation-targeting policies, how various monetary strategies actually work in practice, and the use of nominal GDP targeting as a way to get the credit market to work well and fix the friction in that market. In addition, they discuss the effects of the various rules that the Fed considers in setting policy, how the Fed’s excessive fine-tuning of the economy and financial markets has added financial market volatility and harmed economic performance, and the key issues that impact achievement of the Fed’s 2 percent inflation objective. The volume concludes by exploring potential options for enhancing our policy approach.

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