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1001#a: Lubin, David4: aute: Autors
2451 a: Dance of the Trillionsb: developing countries and global finance
264#0a: Washingtonb: Brookings Institution Pressc: 2018
300 a: 147 p.
996##a: BA


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In Dance of the Trillions, David Lubin tells the story of what makes money flow from high-income countries to lower-income ones; what makes it flow out again; and how developing countries have sought protection against the volatility of international capital flows. The book traces an arc from the 1970s, when developing countries first gained access to international financial markets, to the present day.

Underlying this story is a discussion of how the relationship between developing countries and global finance appears to be moving from one governed by the "Washington Consensus" to one more likely to be shaped by Beijing.

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