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020 a: 9780857196842
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041 a: eng
080 a: 336
2450 a: Harriman's New Book of Investing Rulesb: The Do's and Don'ts of the World's Best Investorsc: Edited by Christopher Parker, Foreword by Jonathan Davis
260 a: Great Britainb: Harriman Housec: 2017
300 a: 518 p.
650#0a: Investing
7000#a: Parker, Christopher
7000#a: Davis, Jonathan
996##a: BA


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Every investor needs an edge. Where better to look than the rules of the world's best investors? These are the do's and don'ts that have driven profits in the billions. They are the practical precepts, and hard-earned wisdom, of many of the best investors in the UK and the US and further afield - of the fund manager who outperformed the market by staggering percentages for three decades in a row, of the private investor who once trained the professionals in the City, of the ex-hedge fund manager who now advocates the simplest investing system in the world. And 50+ MORE of the most interesting minds in modern investing, from Wall Street to West London and back again. The legendary Harriman Book of Investing Rules is back with a gripping new volume - packed with hundreds of pages of new content, bringing you the wisdom of the very best investing minds around the globe.

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