Shiller, Robert J.  The New financial order : risk in the 21st century / Robert J. Shiller. - Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, c2003. - xvi, 366 p. ; 24 cm. - Includes bibliographical references (p. 325-350) and index.
        ISBN 0691091722.
        Risk management. Information technology. Risks. Riska menedžments.


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1. Economic risks in an advancing world

  •          What the world might have looked like since 1950
  •          The hidden problem of economic risk
  •          Why new technology creates risks
  •          Forty thieves: the many kinds of economic risks

2. How science and technology create new opportunities in finance

  •           New information technology applied to risk management
  •           The science of psychology applied to risk management
  •           The nature of invention in finance        

3. Six ideas for a new financial order

  •           Insurance for livelihoods and home values
  •           Macro Markets:trading the biggest risks
  •           Income-linked loans: reducing the risks of hardship and bankruptcy
  •           Inequality insurance: protecting the distribution of income
  •           Intergeneration social security: sharing risks between young and old
  •           International agreements for risk control

4. Deploying the new financial order

  •           Global risk information databases
  •           New units of measurement and electronic money
  •           Making the ideas work: research and advocacy

5. The new financial order as a continuation of a historical process

  •           Lessons from major financial inventions
  •           Lessons from major social insurance inventions
  •           A model of radical financial innovation

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