NOSAUKUMS Handbook of Economic Growth / edited by Philippe Aghion and Steven N. Durlauf.
APJOMS - Vol.1B : ill.
BIBLIOGRĀFIJA Includes bibliographical references and indexes
SATURS v. 1A. Reflections on growth theory / Robert M. Solow -- Neoclassical models of endogenous growth : the effects of fiscal policy, innovation and fluctuations / Larry E. Jones and Rodolfo E. Manuelli -- Growth with quality-improving innovations : an integrated framework / Philippe Aghion and Peter Howitt -- Horizontal innovation in the theory of growth and development / Gino Gancia and Fabrizio Zilibotti -- From stagnation to growth : unified growth theory / Oded Galor -- Poverty traps / Costas Azariadis and John Stachurski -- Institutions as a fundamental cause of long-run growth / Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson and James A. Robinson -- Growth theory through the lens of development economics / Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo -- Growth econometrics / Steven N. Durlauf, Paul A. Johnson and Jonathan R.W. Temple -- Accounting for cross-country income differences / Francesco Caselli -- Accounting for growth in the information age / Dale W. Jorgenson -- Externalities and growth / Peter J. Klenow and Andr�es Rodr�iguez-Clare -- Finance and growth : theory and evidence / Ross Levine -- Human capital and technology diffusion / Jess Benhabib and Mark M. Spiegel -- Growth strategies / Dani Rodrik -- National policies and economic growth : a reappraisal / William Easterly.
CITI AUTORI Aghion, Philippe ed.
Durlauf, Steven N. ed.
ISBN 9780444520432


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Table of Contents

Part 4: Technology.
16. Growth and ideas (C.I. Jones).
17. Long-term economic growth and the history of technology (J. Mokyr).
18. General purpose technologies (B. Jovanovic, P. L. Rousseau).
19. Technological progress and economic transformation (J. Greenwood, A. Seshadri).
20. Wage inequality and technology (A. Hornstein, P. Krusell, G. Violante).
21. A unified theory of the evolution of international income levels (S. Parente, E. Prescott).
Part 5: Trade and geography.
22. A global view of economic growth (J. Ventura).
23. Trade, growth and the size of nations (A. Alesina, E. Spolaore, R. Wacziag).
24. Urbanization and growth (J.V. Henderson).
Part 6: Growth and the socioeconomic environment.
25. Inequality, technology, and the social contract (R. Benabou).
26. Social capital (S. Durlauf, M. Fafchamps).
27. The effect of economic growth on social structures (F. Bourguignon).
28. Economic growth and the environment (W. Brock, M.S. Taylor).


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