NOSAUKUMS Mastering RStudio - Develop, Communicate, and Collabotate With R : Harness the power of RStudio to create web applications, R packages, markdown reports and pretty data visualizations / Julian Hillebrand, Maximilian H. Nierhoff.
APJOMS 322 p.
ISBN 9781783982547


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Bibliotēka 01.2 1 330.4 Plauktā Var pasūtīt


This book is aimed at R developers and analysts who wish to do R statistical development while taking advantage of RStudio's functionality to ease their development efforts. R programming experience is assumed as well as being comfortable with R's basic structures and a number of functions.

RStudio helps you to manage small to large projects by giving you a multi-functional integrated development environment, combined with the power and flexibility of the R programming language, which is becoming the bridge language of data science for developers and analyst worldwide. Mastering the use of RStudio will help you to solve real-world data problems.

This book begins by guiding you through the installation of RStudio and explaining the user interface step by step. From there, the next logical step is to use this knowledge to improve your data analysis workflow. We will do this by building up our toolbox to create interactive reports and graphs or even web applications with Shiny. To collaborate with others, we will explore how to use Git and GitHub with RStudio and how to build your own packages to ensure top quality results. Finally, we put it all together in an interactive dashboard written with R.


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