Leader00779nam a2200253 i 4500
008191113 2019 lv 00000 lav
020 a: 9781108437493
040 a: LB
041 a: lav
080 a: 330.4
1001#a: Chan, Joshua4: aute: Autors
2451 a: Bayesian Econometric Methodsc: Gary Koop, Dale J. Poirier, Justin L. Tobias
250 a: second ed.
264#1a: New Yourkb: Cambridgec: 2020
300 a: 466 p.
336##a: tekstsb: txt
337##a: tiešuztveres videb: n
338##a: sējumsb: nc
650 4a: econometrics
7001 a: Koop, Gary
7001 a: Poirier, Dale J.
7001 a: Tobias, Justin L.
996##a: BA


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Monetārās politikas pārvalde 07 1 330.4 Plauktā Var pasūtīt


This volume in the Econometric Exercises series contains questions and answers to provide students with useful practice, as they attempt to master Bayesian econometrics. In addition to many theoretical exercises, this book contains exercises designed to develop the computational tools used in modern Bayesian econometrics. The latter half of the book contains exercises that show how these theoretical and computational skills are combined in practice, to carry out Bayesian inference in a wide variety of models commonly used by econometricians. Aimed primarily at advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying econometrics, this book may also be useful for students studying finance, marketing, agricultural economics, business economics or, more generally, any field which uses statistics. The book also comes equipped with a supporting website containing all the relevant data sets and MATLAB computer programs for solving the computational exercises.


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