Central Banks as Economic Institutions / Edited by Jean-Philippe Touffut. - Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2008. - 215 p. - (The Cournot Centre for Economic Studies Series).
        ISBN 9781848441095.
        Centrālā banka. Monetārā politika.


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1. Monetary Beliefs and the Power of Central Banks
André Orléan

2. Monetary Policy in Germany Since 1948: National Tradition, International Best Practice or Ideology?
Carl-Ludwig Holtfrerich

3. What Objectives for Monetary Policy?
Benjamin M. Friedman

4. Financial Stability and Monetary Policy: A Framework
Gerhard Illing

5. Coordinating Expectations in Monetary Policy
Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin

6. Central Bank Transparency: Where, Why and With What Effects? Nazire Nergiz Dincer and Barry Eichengreen

7. Global imbalances: Origins, Consequences and Possible Resolutions
Takatoshi Ito

8. Global Imbalances: A Contemporary ‘Rashomon’ Saga
Nouriel Roubini

9. Round Table Discussion: Monetary Policy in the New International Environment
Patrick Artus, Alan S. Blinder, Willem Buiter, Otmar Issing and Robert M. Solow



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