Your Web browser is obsolete: it is not secure and does not support the possibilities of the newest versions. The usage of this browser makes unable to perform many actions on currrent and otherWeb pages.

The usage of the Web browser newest version gives you many privileges:

  • Security

    The newest Web browser would be better for protection against fraud, viruses, trojans and other things which are dangerous for data. Besides one eliminates security holes of your current browser.
  • Speed

    Every Web browser new version has improved performance.
  • Compatibility

    The usage of the newest Web browser vesrion allows you to make the best of Web pages.
  • Comfort

    Usage of new features, additions and better adaption makes internet browsing more convenient.

Update takes up to 5 minutes and is free of charge.

If you have no privileges to install software on your computer, ask your administrator.

I have no the possibility to update my Web browser

If it is not possible to change a browser because of compatibility (e.g., the current browser is necessary to run a specific software), you can install any of browsers offered as the second one and use it for Web page browsing.

Free Web browsers

The newest versions for the most popular Web browsers.

Choose the Web browser to download:

All the Web browsers support the same basic features and are easy in use.

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