TITLE Post-Crisis Growth and Integration in Europe : Catching-up Strategies in CESEE Economies / [edited by] Ewald Nowotny, Peter Mooslechner, Doris Ritzberger-Grunwald.
Edward Elgar
ISBN 9780857932907


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Contents: Preface Ewald Nowotny, Peter Mooslechner and Doris Ritzberger-Grunwald PART I: CATCHING-UP AND GROWTH PROSPECTS AFTER THE CRISIS
1. Challenges to European Economic Integration Vitor Constancio
2. A Forward-looking View on Catching-up Strategies from an Austrian Angle Ewald Nowotny
3. Re-establishing Growth After the Crisis - Lessons from the Nordic Countries Seppo Honkapohja
4. Catching-up Prospects After the Crisis for the EU's CESEE Region Kieran Mc Morrow and Werner Roger
5. Growth Prospects in the EU-
10 Members States After the Crisis Dariusz K. Rosati
6. Neoclassicism in the Balkans Vladimir Gligorov
7. Unlocking Growth Potential in the Balkans Bostjan Jazbec and Albulene Kastrati
8. The Catching-up Experience of the Western Balkans - the Cases of Serbia, FYR of Macedonia and Albania Michael Loufir PART II: POLICY CHALLENGES IN THE CESEE REGION AND BEYOND
9. Monetary Policy and Financial Stability: What's Ahead for Central and Eastern Europe Stephen G. Cecchetti
10. Central Banking for the 21st Century: An American Perspective Paul A. Wachtel
11. Monetary Policy Challenges in the CESEE Region: Architecture for an Earthquake Zone Bas B. Bakker and Leslie Lipschitz
12. A Policy Recipe for Successful Convergence of CESEE Countries in the Post-crisis World Julia Kiraly, Attila Csajbok and Mihaly Andras Kovacs
13. Monetary Policy Challenges in the CESEE Region - the Case of Poland Marek Belka
14. Monetary Policy Challenges in the CESEE Region - the Case of Romania Christian Popa
15. Monetary Policy Challenges in the CESEE Region - the Case of Croatia Boris Vujcic
16. Challenges for Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy in CESEE Created by the Crisis: Back to Square One? Peter Mooslechner PART III: THE NEW ROLE OF FINANCIAL INTEGRATION, GROWTH FINANCING AND EXPORTS
17. Policy Perspectives on Financial Integration After the Crisis Ignazio Angeloni
18. The Need for an Enhanced Role of Local Supervisors and Shareholder Oversight Andrzej Stopczynski
19. Firms' Patterns of Trade and Access to Finance JoA e P. Damijan and Crt Kostevc
20. Financing for Growth in CESEE Joachim Nagel and Corinna Knobloch
21. Capital Inflows, Exports, and Growth in the CESEE Region Jarko Fidrmuc and Reiner Martin
22. Structural Components of International Trade Growth
1995 -
2009 Joseph F. Francois and Julia Worz
23. The Great Trade Collapse and its Impact on Firms in Europe Laszlo Halpern PART IV: CHALLENGES FOR BANKING IN THE CESEE REGION
24. After the Crisis: Financial Sector Reform in the EU Maria Teresa Fabregas Fernandez
25. Banking Challenges in the CESEE Region from the Erste Group Perspective Andreas Treichl
26. Challenges for Banking in the CESEE Region - the Situation in Austria and CESEE in November
2010 Michael Hysek
27. The CESEE Experience of KBC Group Marko Voljc
28. Challenges for Banking in the CESEE Region - the Case of Swedbank Baltic Banking Hakan Berg Index

Against the backdrop of the financial crisis that unfolded in 2008, this book deals with

policy challenges going forward, focusing in particular on the ongoing catching-up

process in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European (CESEE) countries.

Whilst having emerged relatively unscathed from the crisis, the CESEE economies

nonetheless need to adjust to the new external conditions they will encounter. In this

respect, decision-makers are faced with multiple sources of uncertainty: will postcrisis

growth be the same as pre-crisis growth? What will be the future role of financial

integration, growth financing and exports? What are the particular challenges facing

monetary policy-makers and the banking sector in the region? On these issues and

related topics, the book provides a multi-disciplinary assessment, combining the views

of high-ranking central bankers and other policy-makers, commercial bankers and


Economists and students of economic policy and European integration from central,

commercial and investment banks, governments, international organizations, universities

and research institutes will find this book of great interest and importance, especially

those working on Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Contributors include:

M.T. Fábregas Fernández, J. Fidrmuc, J.F. Francois, V. Gligorov, L. Halpern, S. Honkapohja, M. Hysek, B. Jazbec, A. Kastrati, J. Király,

I. Angeloni, B.B. Bakker, M. Belka, H. Berg, S.G. Cecchetti, V. Constâncio, A. Csajbók, J.P. Damijan,

C. Knobloch, Č. Kostevc, M.A. Kovács, L. Lipschitz, M. Loufir, R. Martin, K. McMorrow, P. Mooslechner, J. Nagel, E. Nowotny, C. Popa,

D. Ritzberger-Grünwald, W. Röger, D.K. Rosati, A. Stopczyński, A. Treichl, M. Voljc, B. Vujčić, P.A. Wachtel, J. Wörz

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