TITLE Poverty and social impact analysis by the IMF : review of methodology and selected evidence / Robert Gillingham, ed.
International Monetary Fund
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION - iv, 132 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Includes bibliographical references (p. 115-132)
CONTENTS Introduction --Review of macro-micro approaches for evaluating the distributional impacts of macroeconomic reforms / [Moataz El-Said] --. Distributional impacts of indirect tax and public pricing reforms: a review of methods and empirical evidence / [David Coady] --. Analyzing the impact of trade liberalization and devaluation on poverty / [Alejandro Simone] --. Distributional impact of agricultural sector reforms in Africa: a review of past experience / [David Newhouse]..
ISBN 9781589066625


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I. Introduction                                                               1II. A Review of Macro-Micro Approaches for Evaluating the Distributional Impacts ofMacroeconomic Reforms                                                     9A. Introduction                                                           9B. Macro-Micro Analytical Approaches                                     10C. Computable General Equilibrium Models                                 15D. The 123PRSP Model                                                     19E. The Integrated Macroeconomic Model for Poverty Analysis               23F. Microsimulation and CGE Models                                        23G. Relative Resource Needs                                               26H. Conclusions                                                           28Appendix 2.1. Closure Rules Commonly Used in the CGE Modeling Framework  29III. The Distributional Impacts of Indirect Tax and Public Pricing Reforms: A Review ofMethods and Empirical Evidence                                           33A. Introduction                                                          33B. Alternative Methodological Approaches                                 35C. Lessons from the Empirical Literature                                 41D. Conclusions                                                           53Appendix 3.1. Theoretical Approach to Evaluating the Welfare Impact of Price Reforms 55Appendix 3.2. Alternative Price-Shifting Models                          61Appendix 3.3. General Lessons from Tax Theory                            68IV. Analyzing the Impact of Trade Liberalization and Devaluation on Poverty  73A. Introduction and Summary                                              73B. Selected Methodological Issues                                        75C. Main Results of the Literature: Trade Liberalization                  78D. Main Results of the Literature: Devaluation                           87E. Toward a Systematic Approach to Assessing Distributional Impacts      95V. The Distributional Impact of Agricultural Sector Reforms in Africa: A Review ofPast Experience                                                          99A. Introduction                                                          99B. Rationale for Intervention and Reform                                100C. Stakeholders and Channels of Impact                                  102D. Case Studies                                                         103E. The Impact of the Reforms                                            107Bibliography                                                                115

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