TITLE Structural challenges for Europe / ed. by Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell, Peter Mooslechner.
Northhampton, MA
Edward Elgar Pub.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION - xviii, 490 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN 1843764741
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This is a set of studies on the subject of economic convergence and divergence in Europe. It combines theoretical appraisals of the central questions relating to convergence and divergence in Europe, together with analyses of the policy implications for individual countries and for individual countries and for the wider Europe. Based on the Autumn 2002 East-West Conference in Vienna, an annual event organized by the Austrian National Bank, the volume deals comprehensiveley (in 8 parts and 29 chapters) with soci-economic structural challenges facing an Expanding EU. Issues covered include: competitiveness and the Lisbon goals; financial sector development; financing enlargement and catching up; tax, benefits and welfare reform; enterprise sector; the adequacy of the policy mix; and looking to the future.


Introduction: Structural Reform and Competitiveness – the Position and Future of an Integrated Europe

Foreword by Klaus Liebscher

Part I: Structural Reforms and Competitiveness: Where Does Europe Stand Today?

Part II: Financial Sector Development

Part III: Financing of Enlargement and Catching Up Part IV: Social Security Reform

Part V: Taxes and Benefits/Fiscal Structures

Part VI: Enterprise Sector Reform/Network Industries

Part VII: The Adequate Policy Mix

Part VIII: Looking into the Future – Europe’s Position in the World Economy in 2020


Contributors: T.M. Andersen, H. Brücker, W. Buiter, J. Crespo-Cuaresma, R. Dobrinsky, J. Elmeskov, J. Fidrmuc, D. Franco, M. Góra, R. Guesnerie, G.J. Hogeweg, G. Hunya, D. Jablonska, M. Kager, E. Kohútiková, G. Kopits, R.S. Kroszner, W. Leibfritz, K. Liebscher, P. Mooslechner, M. Nenova, E. Nowotny, T. Padoa-Schioppa, G. Reitschuler, M.J. Rodrigues, F. Schardax, B. Schmögnerová, M. Schreyer, M.A. Silgoner, H. Stepic, J. Svejnar, I.P. Székely, Z. Tuma, G. Tumpel-Gugerell, M. Vagliasindi, R. Webb

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