TITLE Econometric Models of the Euro-area Central Banks / ed. by Gabriel Fagan, Julian Morgan.
Edward Elgar
BIBLIOGRAPHY Includes bibliographical references and index
ADDED NAME Fagan, Gabriel ed.
Morgan, Julian ed.
ISBN 1845424867


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This book provides a description of the main macroeconomic models used by the European Central Bank and the euro area national central banks (Eurosystem). These models are used to help prepare economic projections and scenario analysis for individual countries and the euro area as a whole.

The volume takes stock of the current macroeconometric modelling infrastructure available within the Eurosystem, highlighting not only the structures and main features of the models used but also their purposes and underlying model-building philosophies. A ‘bird’s eye view’ of the key details of the design, structure and characteristics of the models is provided, along with information on the responses of these models to a series of standard economic and policy shocks.


Foreword by Jean-Claude Trichet

1. An Overview of the Structural Econometric Models of Euro-Area Central Banks

2. The Area-Wide Model

3. EDGE: The Bank of Finland’s Macroeconomic Model of the Euro Area

4. The Eurosystem’s Multi-country Model and the Link Block

5. EUROMON: A Macroeconometric Multi-country Model of the World Economy from the Nederlandsche Bank

6. The National Bank of Belgium’s Quarterly Model

7. The Macroeconometric Multi-country Model of the Deutsche Bundesbank

8. Model of the Banco de España

9. Mascotte: The Banque de France Forecasting Model

10. The Econometric Model of the Bank of Greece

11. Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland’s Model

12. The Bank of Italy’s Quarterly Model

13. The Luxembourg Block of the Multi-country Model

14. MORKMON: A Macroeconomic Model of the Netherlands’ Economy

15. The Austrian Quarterly Model

16. The Annual Macroeconometric Model of the Banco de Portugal

17. The Bank of Finland’s Macroeconomic Model BOF5


Contributors: V. Brunhes-Lesage, P. Burriel, F. Busetti, O. de Bandt, G.L. de Castro, A. Dieppe, Á. Estrada, G. Fagan, G. Fenz, P. Guarda, B. Hamburg, P. Jeanfils, T. Karlsson, M. Kortelainen, A. Locarno, H.-L. Männistö, P. McAdam, K. McQuinn, L. Monteforte, J. Morgan, N. O’Donnell, M. Ryan, M. Spitzer, K.-H. Tödter, J. Vallés, P. van Els, J.-P. Villetelle, N. Zonzilos

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