TITLE Advances in macroeconomic theory / ed. by Jacques Dreze.
PUBLISHER/YEAR Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire
New York, N.Y.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Includes bibliographical references and index
NOTES Papers from the Twelfth World Congress of the International Economic Association (IEA), held in Buenos Aires on August 23-27, 1999, at the invitation of the Asociacion Argentina de Economia Politica (AAEP). The congress was dedicated to the memory of the late Michael Bruno, President of the IEA 1992-95.
ADDED NAME Dreze, Jacques H. ed.
International Economic Association World Congress (1999 (Buenos Aires, Argentina (12th)
ISBN 0333773535
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  Introduction: Advances and challenges in macroeconomics / Jacques Dreze  

Part I. The general framework .

  • From neoclassical growth theory to new classical macroeconomics / Robert M. Solow
  • On the macroeconomics of uncertainty and incomplete markets (Presidential address) / Jacques Dreze
  • Macroeconomic frictions: what have we learnt from real business cycle research programme? / Jean-Pierre Danthine, John B. Donaldson

Part II. Money and finance.

  • How the rational expectations revolution has changed macroeconomic policy research / Joh Taylor
  • Monetary policy in an imperfect information world / Bruce Greewald, Michael Adler
  • Understating inflation: implications for monetary policy / Stephen G.Cecchetti,Erica L Groshen

Part III. Wages and employment.

  • Single-peaked versus diversified capitalism: the relations between economic institutions and outcomes / Richard Freeman
  • Institutions, restructuring and macroeconomic performance / Ricardo Caballero, Mohamad Hammour
  • Rigid wages: what have we learnt from microeconomic studies? / FrancisKramarz

Part IV. Econometrics.

  • The getting of macroeconomic wisdom / Adrian Pagan

Part V. Dynamics.

  • Learning dynamics: complete and incomplete learning / Seppo Honkapohja
  • Standard-of-Living aspirations and economic cycles / David de la Croix

Part VI. Development.

  • Development policies beyond export-led growth / Vittorio Corbo
  • Macroeconomic policies: can we transfer lessons across LDCs? / Carlos Rodriguez
  • Cross-country gowth comparison: theory to empirics / Danny Quah
  • Volatility and macroeconomic paradigms for rich and poor countries (Michael Bruno memorial lecture) / William Easterly, Roumeen Islam, Joseph E. Stiglitz



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