TITLE New horizons in central bank risk management / ed. by Robert Pringle, Nick Carver.
Central Banking Publ.
ADDED NAME Pringle, Robert ed.
Carver, Nick ed.
ISBN 1902182251
UDC NUMBER 336.711


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  1. Survey of central bank risk managers / R. Pringle, N. Carver
  2. International financial risk management / Alan Greenspan
  3. Challenges and risks posed to central banks by deflation / T. Latter
  4. Investment portfolio techniques at a central bank / Etienne Lavigne
  5. Implementation of a risk-control framework in the SARB / Callie Hugo
  6. Central bank risk management and international accounting standards / Jeremy Foster
  7. Operational risk management for central banks / Junji Hiwatashi, Hiroshi Ashida
  8. Legal risks for central banks / Charles Proctor
  9. Planning for business continuity at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Maria Massei-Rosato, Elizabeth G. Mindlin
  10. The duality of managing foreign exchange reserves / Isabelle Strauss-Kahn
  11. Exchange-rate volatility and reserve management in the Italian experience / Andrea Santorelli
  12. Why central banks need financial strength / Peter Stella
  13. Central bank balance sheets and fiscal operations / John Hawkins
  14. The role of the lender of last resort and risk-management techniques / Anthony M. Santomero, Stephen A. Meyer
  15. A risk-management framework for a central bank / Isabela R. Damaso, Paulo M.F. de Cacella
  16. How the Czech National Bank manages its risks / Ludek Niedermayer, Jan Schmidt
  17. Concerns and considerations for the practical implementation of the new Basel Accord / Roger W. Ferguson
  18. Risk management in the Reserve Bank: a 2003 perspective / Steve Anderson

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