TITLE Financial and monetary integration in the new Europe : convergence between the EU and Central and Eastern Europe / ed. by David G. Dickinson and Andrew W. Mullineux.
Northampton, MA
Edward Elgar
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION - xiv, 474 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Includes bibliographical references and index
NOTES Papers from a workshop held in Jurmala, Latvia (July 1998) and a conference in Bordeaux, France (April 1999
ISBN 1840642467
UDC NUMBER 339.923


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  • Financial integration between the EU and the economies of Central and Eastern Europe: an overview / David G. Dickinson, Andrew W. Mullineux

Monetary and exchange rate policy

  • Monetary policy and economic development in transitional economies / Maxwell J. Fry
  • The Czech approach to inflation targeting / Miroslav Hrnčir and Katerina Šmidkova
  • The link between FEER and fiscal policy in transitional period: the case of the Czech economy / Katerina Šmidkova
  • Interest rate policy and inflation behaviour in the Czech Republic: from exchange rate to inflation targeting / Eric Girardin, Nicholas Horsewood
  • Latvia on the way to the European Union: economic policy convergence / Inna Šteinbuka
  • Monetary policy prospects and Maastricht criteria in Lithuania before accession to the EU / Salomeja Jasinskaite, Dalia Vidickiene, Rasa Melnikiene
  • The currency board regime in Bulgaria and its sustainability / Tatiana Houbenova
  • EMU convergence criteria and international flows of capital: the dilemmas for Polish macroeconomic policy / Boguslaw Grabowski, Jerzy Pruski
  • The Asian financial crisis and lessons for CEE economies / David G. Dickinson, Andrew W. Mullineux
  • Joining EMU as an irreversible investment / David G. Dickinson, Jean-Baptiste Desquilbet

Financial sector development

  • Financial stability and economic development in transitional economies / Maxwell J. Fry
  • Payment systems and economic development in transitional economies / Maxwell J. Fry
  • Mobilization of savings in transition countries: the case of Lithuania / Salomeja Jasinskaite, Dalia Vidickiene, Rasa Melnikiene
  • The Polish banking sector and EU regulations / Andrzej Raczko
  • Banking sector restructuring and debt consolidation in the Czech Republic / Roman Matoušek
  • Market efficiency in transition economies: equity markets and EU accession / Nicholas Horsewood, Douglas Sutherland
  • Risk and optimal interest margins: tha case of commercial banks in Central Europe / Daniel Goyeau, Alain Sauviat, Amine Tarazi
  • The impact of market structure and efficiency on bank profitability: an empirical analysis of banking industries in Central and Eastern Europe / Celine Gondat-Larralde, Laetitia Lepetit
  • Convergence between the financial systems of EU member states and applicant economies / Victor Murinde, Juda Agung, Andrew W. Mullineux


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