TITLE Capitalism without Capital : the rise of the intangible economy / Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION - 278 pages ; 24 cm.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Includes bibliographical references (pages 243-265) and index
CONTENTS Introduction -- Part I. The rise of the intangible economy : Capital's vanishing act -- How to measure intangible investment -- What's different about intangible investment?: The four S's of intangibles -- Part II. The consequences of the rise of the intangible economy : Intangibles, investment, productivity, and secular stagnation -- Intangibles and the rise of inequality -- Infrastructure for intangibles, and intangible infrastructure -- The challenge of financing an intangible economy -- Competing, managing, and investing in the intangible economy -- Public policy in an intangible economy : five hard questions -- Summary, conclusion, and the way ahead.
ADDED NAME Westlake, Stian author
ISBN 9780691175034


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