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2451 a: Foreign direct investment in Europe: a changing landscape
260 a: Cheltenhamb: Edward Elgarc: 2007
300 a: XIV,274 lpp.
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Klaus Liebscher, Josef Christl, Peter Mooslechner and Doris Ritzberger-
PART I Home and host country effects of FDI 
1       The role of FDI in transition
Josef Christl
2       Foreign direct investment spillovers in emerging market economies
Jan Svejnar
3       The role of FDI in Eastern Europe and New Independent States: new channels for 
the spillover effect
Irina Tytell and Ksenia Yudaeva
4       Blessing or curse? An industry-level analysis of FDI effects on productivity and 
wages in CEECs
Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Carmen Fillat Castejon, Maria Antoinette Silgoner 
and Julia Woerz
5       How do FDI inflows affect the productivity of domestic firms? The role of 
horizontal and vertical spillovers, absorptive capacity and competition
Marcin Kolasa
6       Home country spillovers of FDI: some results and discussion of estimation issues
Priit Vahter and Jaan Masso
7       Effects of FDI on industry structure: a host-country perspective
Katja Zajc Kejzhar
PART II Where is FDI going? Global trends and patterns
8       Why FDI? Re-inventing economic geography in times of globalization
Peter Mooslechner
9       Recent FDI trends: implications for investment policy
Blanka Kalinova
10      Trends in FDI: the Austrian perspective
Rene Dell'mour
11      Is China's FDI coming at the expense of other countries?
Barry Eichengreen and Hui Tong
12      FDI in services: recent developments and prospects in Europe
Arjan Lejour
13      Outward FDI from new European Union member states
Marjan Svetlicic and Andreja Jaklic 
PART III       How to attract sustainable investment? Theory and practice
14      The determinants of FDI in Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe: lessons 
from the past and prospects for the future
Laura Resmini
15      How to make FDI in Central and Eastern European countries sustainable?
Christian Bellak and Markus Leibrecht 
16      Does FDI help? The good, the bad, the surprising and the mistaken. Policy issues 
for developed countries, developing countries and multilateral lending institutions
Theodore H. Moran
17      The most FDI-intensive economy in Europe: the experience of Ireland
Frank Barry
18      Attracting sustainable FDI and building a knowledge-based economy: the case of 
Jakub Mikulasek

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