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020 a: 1845425170
040 a: DLCd: DLC
041 a: eng
080 a: 339.923
1112 a: Conference on European Economic Integrationc: (Vienna, Austriad: (2004n: (1st)
24510a: European economic integration and South-East Europeb: challenges and prospectsc: ed. by Klaus Liebscher ... [et al.]
260 a: Cheltenham, UKa: Northampton, MAb: Edward Elgarc: c2005
300 a: xiv, 398 p.b: ill.c: 24 cm.
504 a: Includes bibliographical references and index
695 a: Eiropas Savienība
695 a: Ekonomiskā integrācija
695 a: Eiro
695 a: Investīcijas
695 a: Banku darbība
7001 a: Liebscher, Klause: ed.
941 b: 2007-12-14T14:36:33c: 1
990 a: 339.923
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With both transition dynamics and the EU integration process having shifted to the south-east of Europe, a region fairly marginalized in the literature, this book fills a gap by taking stock of where South-East Europe’s economies and institutions stood in 2004.



Part I: South-East Europe: Where Do Institutions and the Economy Stand?

Part II: The Case of Dollarization and Euroization

Part III: Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies: Circumstances and Choice in South-East Europe

Part IV: FDI and Trade as Pivotal Elements for Catching Up and Competitiveness

Part V: Confronting Serious Challenges: High Unemployment, Poverty, Brain Drain

Part VI: Banking in South-East Europe and the Leading Role of Austrian Banks


Contributors: T. Boeri, E. Busek, M. Bussière, J. Christl, D. Daianu, D.G. Demekas, E. Falcetti, J. Fidrmuc, R. Holzmann, B. Horváth, J. Horváth, E. Kallai, E. Kraft, L. Krgovic, M.A. Landesmann, E. Levy Yeyati, K. Liebscher, N. Maddock, K. Mizsei, P. Mooslechner, B. Nemsic, M. Nenova, E. Nowotny, R. Priebe, E. Ribakova, D. Ritzberger-Grünwald, P. Sanfey, B. Schnatz, S. Tepic, J.-C. Trichet, N. Walter, A.A. Weber, L. Weill, H. Wiedner, T. Wieser, M. Wimmer, A. Winkler, Y. Wu

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