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24510a: International monetary policy after the eurob: proceedings of the Bologna-Claremont conference, March 23-25, 2000c: ed. by Robert A. Mundell, Paul J. Zak, Derek M. Schaeffer
260 a: Cheltenham, UKa: Northampton, MAb: Edward Elgarc: c2005
300 a: viii, 163 p.c: 23 cm.
504 a: Includes bibliographical references and index
695 a: Monetary policy
695 a: Euro
695 a: International finance
695 a: Euro area
695 a: Eiro
695 a: Starptautiskās finanses
695 a: Monetārā politika
7001 a: Mundell, Robert A.e: ed.
941 b: 2007-12-14T14:36:33c: 1
990 a: 339.923
996 a: BA


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A dialogue by leading economists, offers an extensive review of the impact of the introduction of the euro on the international monetary system.

The authors dissect the impact of the euro on living standards in developed and developing countries, the growth of the Euro zone, the role of the International Monetary Fund, and the function of gold in the international monetary system. Also discussed is the design of a new international financial architecture and its impact on the wealth of nations. The critique is frank, entertaining, and sometimes conflicting, empowering the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.


Foreword /  Robert H. Evans                           

1. Introduction / Robert A. Mundell and Paul J Zak
2. Issues facing the global economy / Introduced by Robert H. Evans
3. Internal aspects of the euro / Introduced by Robert Bartley
4. International aspects of the euro / Introduced by W Max Corden
5. Lionel Robbins Lecture / Presented by Lord Robert Skidelsky
6. The future of the EMU, the euro, and international finance / Introduced by Richard Cooper
7. The role of gold in the international monetary system / Introduced by Enzo Grilli and Robert Pringle
8. Fundamental reform of the international monetary system: necessity, timing and future directions / Introduced by Enzo Grilli
9. Randall Hinshaw Memorial Lecture: Choosing exchange rate regimes. Lessons from Europe and Asia /    Presented by W Max Corden

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