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080 a: 336.711
1001 a: Deane, Marjorie
24514a: The Central Banksc: Marjorie Deane, Robert Pringle
260 a: Londonb: Hamish Hamiltonc: 1994
300 a: X, 369 p.
504 a: Bibliogr.: P.355-359
6102 a: BIS
6102 a: FRS
6102 a: Federal Reserve System
6102 a: Bank for International Settlements
651 0a: Japāna
651 0a: ASV
695 a: Centrālā banka
695 a: Rezerves
695 a: Uzraudzība
7001 a: Pringle, Robert
941 b: 2007-12-14T14:35:11c: 1
990 a: 336.711
996 a: BA


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As international trade has grown, the role of central banks has become more important and it is now impossible to understand international trade and international economies without understanding what central banks do. These largely anonymous institutions have three real functions. Firstly, they regulate other banks. Secondly, they control interest rates and therefore the strength of the currency internationally and the cost of mortgages and borrowing money. Thirdly, they lend money to governments. This book goes behind the doors of the powerful men running these institutions where gold is stored and millions are traded daily.

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